Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hello, here is the game plan.

Soooooo I've done it. I've conformed. I sold my soul, and now I am.... I am... a blogger *crowd gasps, I sigh*... It's ok though, I'll admit I've always been a hater (on blogging), but in reality I probably was just hating change, or the fact that no one would follow my blog if I created one. Who wants to listen to my fat a$$ anyways... (does it matter if I curse on my own blog? I'm assuming it won't bleep out bad words because this is America and we have Freedom of Speech and blah blah blah who cares lol).

What I'm actually trying to say, is that I now have a blog and I plan to use it to record all of my computer endeavors whether they be hardware or software. My blog will consist of a bunch of how-to tutorials on setting up and using certain software, while possible including a few on building a custom desktop computer from scratch or upgrading one instead. These tutorials will start with the most basic of basic how-to's such as how to use torrents and how to burn Images (.iso not .jpg or any other type of pictures) and slowly lead up to how to install and use Ubuntu and what all can be done with Ubuntu. My goal is to have a site laid out such that someone could follow through the tutorials and successfully have a computer setup similar or identical to mine right now, and then they could proceed to read my more advanced tutorial's on how to crack WEP encryption in 5 minutes or how to reverse a binary file.

I will start out with very very basic tutorials that explain how to torrent a file, how to port forward for games or better torrentig performance, and how to burn an image file. Then these skills will be used to install Linux on your machine, and then I will explain everything you need to know about Linux. Finally I will discuss everything I know how to do in Linux and the current things I am currently learning how to do.
I am a hacker from the University of South Florida with a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science. I am very interested in computer security and am currently learning x86 32-bit assembly language while completing "gera's insecure programming" buffer overflow challenges; welcome to my world... Let's begin.

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